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Fun with 1000 Blank White Cards

A bunch of cards on a table

1000 Blank White Cards is a very silly and very fun game. The rules are simple and open to modification. The rules Petra and I play with are:

  • Anyone can start first
  • You must have at least three cards in your hand
  • Highest score wins
  • Cards can be played on any player (including yourself) or globally

That’s really all there is to it. The interesting part is the cards themselves: As the name suggests, you start with a packet of blank white cards. You then create your own cards by drawing on the blank ones, adding whatever you’d like. It can be as simple as awarding 200 points, it could ask the player to have a drink of water, or it could just be a silly drawing with no effect. There’s really no limit on what the cards can do, but there are of course some self-imposed limitations you’ll want to follow, such as not creating any cards that instantly allow a player to win.

one lucy coupon - +1000 points
A Lucy Coupon!

When playing, you’ll generally want to keep the cards that have lasting effects (such as awarding points or reversing play) on the table so that you don’t forget about them. It’s easiest to add up the score all at once at the end of the game rather than as you play, too. These are just recommendations, though, and you’re free to play however you’d like.

overstimulation - lose 300 points

A lot of the fun comes from designing your own cards and seeing how others react to them. The points aren’t particularly integral to the experience. What I enjoy the most is seeing Pet giggling at my silly cards!

unecessary female nudity in a movie you're watching with your family -250 points
The entirely serious “Unnecessary female nudity in a movie you’re watching with your family” card.

Games can get chaotic when you’re playing with a lot of cards, so you’ll typically want to keep decks below 80.

A bunch of cards on a table

Cards are allowed to change the rules, nullify other cards, and so on. The Wikipedia article notes that players can create cards in the middle of a game to cancel out other cards.

1000 Blank White Cards is a very fun and silly game, and I’m thankful to Petra for introducing it to me. All you need to play is a few blank white cards (we only have 200, not 1000) and a pen. It provides a lot of entertainment as well as being a great outlet for creativity. I definitely recommend giving it a try!

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