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My Bandcamp album organisation script

When I download an album from Bandcamp, I go for the OGG format, because it has better sound at lower bitrates than MP3, and because it’s a free format, unlike AAC. However, there’s a slight problem: Bandcamp doesn’t embed album art in their OGG files. The fools.

This isn’t really too bad, because almost every media player in existence will look for a cover.jpg or cover.png to use as cover art if it can’t find any embedded art, but it means that sending someone an individual song in this format means that they won’t see the cover art.

I decided to make a small Python script to fix this. Point it to an album downloaded from Bandcamp, and it’ll extract the zip, rename the files according to my naming scheme, embed the cover art (at a lower resolution to save space), and put them in my music folder.

It’s very hacky, and it was written a year ago (I’ve gotten a lot better at programming since then), but it does work! It only supports .ogg files because I never bothered to add support for anything else because I only use .ogg and I’m lazy, but it shouldn’t be too hard to add support for other filetypes. Maybe I will eventually. It’s also hardcoded to use /home/lynne/Music/Music, which is where I put all my music (it’s in a subdirectory because I also have ~/Music/Game Soundtracks and ~/Music/SFX).

If you’d like to have a look at it, I’ve uploaded it here. Happy hacking!