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The Fediverse

Archive Team and the Fediverse

The popular Mastodon instance recently shut down, with all of their content being taken offline, most likely permanently. It was a popular home for teenagers migrating away from tumblr. At its peak, it had over 3,000 users.

When an instance on the Fediverse shuts down, its data is gone, unless the administrators make it accessible in some way. While other instances may have locally cached copies of some posts, for the most part, it’s gone.

This was not the case with

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A simple glitch-soc tweak

Mastodon recently added a cool feature that blurs images when they’re marked as sensitive and while they’re loading. I noticed that it automatically hides this blur when the image loads, but it’s trivial to put it back. Combined with the glitch-soc setting to display full images rather than cropping them, we can use two little CSS rules to change those ugly letterboxes and pillarboxes to a nice-looking blurred background!

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