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A simple glitch-soc tweak

Mastodon recently added a cool feature that blurs images when they’re marked as sensitive and while they’re loading. I noticed that it automatically hides this blur when the image loads, but it’s trivial to put it back. Combined with the glitch-soc setting to display full images rather than cropping them, we can use two little CSS rules to change those ugly letterboxes and pillarboxes to a nice-looking blurred background!

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Discord and Spotify for Linux and xdg-mime

The bug

I’ve noticed that Discord for Linux takes a very, very long time to start up – sometimes in the order of hours. During this time, my laptop gets very hot. I eventually decided to look into this and found that several instances of xdg-mime were taking up 100% CPU. Killing them caused Discord to open instantly.

Apparently this issue is present with Spotify too. This fix will work for both of them.

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