Fediverse Survey

Fediverse Survey Summary 1

Update 17/05/19: Changed the license to CC-BY-SA.Update 20/05/19: The survey has ended. I decided to create a small survey to get some information about the Fediverse. It opened about 16 hours ago, and I’ve already received over five hundred responses!! As promised, the response data is available under a free… Read More »Fediverse Survey Summary 1

A Survey of the Fediverse

Updated on 13/05/19 to reflect new closing date, and again to link to the results post. I decided to create a small survey to ask a few non-personal questions about Fediverse users, their opinions on its various platforms, and their thoughts on non-Fediverse networks, such as Facebook and Twitter. The… Read More »A Survey of the Fediverse